Working with financial institutions to develop and execute effective global tax methodologies.

Published on November 7, 2018

Our approach 

At Exsus we have adopted a multi-disciplinary approach, calling on Exsus professionals in complementary areas such as technical accounting, and regulatory & risk management. These resources can be tapped on a local, regional, or global basis. KPMG’s powerful internal knowledge sharing systems mean our tax professionals are up to date on all the relevant technical and industry developments, locally and globally. 

The Global business model is changing

As customers want new services, investors seek more profit and less risk. Regulators, authorities, business partners and shareholders demand higher standards of compliance and corporate governance, utilizing web-based technologies to create new competitive opportunities and manage threats.

How we can support you

Across Exsus global network of firms, our tax professionals work exclusively with financial sector teams, bringing their deep sector experience to the challenge being faced. They are there to help with the most pressing issues faced in the industry today.

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